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Botanical Brilliance

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Transformative Elegance

“Fresh and fabulous, my skin has never felt better.”


Concern : Hyperpigmentation | Dryness

Daily Routine

Face Scrub
Before Bed

“Within two weeks, I noticed a change—my dark spots appeared less prominent, and new spots weren’t showing up as frequently. By the 30-day mark, there was a noticeable decrease in overall hyperpigmentation, giving my skin a clearer and more even tone”

“The results so far are truly impressive”

Swetha Mohan

Concern : Hair Fall and Dandruff

Weekly Routine

Herbal hair Growth Oil
Herbal hair wash ( Twice a week )

“Over the course of 60 days, my hair has made commendable strides in both length and thickness. The noticeable radiance and the nourishing touch of natural ingredients extend care to the roots. This journey has truly been a delightful experience.”

“I trust Subham for my complete skincare and haircare regimen.”

Janani Rajan

Concern : Sensitive skin | Dry Hair

Daily Routine

Face Scrub
Before Bed

“It’s been 9 months since I started relying on Subham, and their Herbal Hair Growth Oil, Herbal Hair Wash, and Face and Body Cleanser have become my go-to essentials. I’ve never experienced such well-being before.”

Its Story Time !

The Birth of Subham organics

In 2022, Subham’s journey began in our home kitchen, where our founder learned the art of crafting products like the Herbal Hair Wash from her grandmother. Having used these treasures for many years, she now aims to pass on this legacy to her grandchildren, emphasizing the importance of providing a natural alternative to SLS and other harmful agents in these days shampoos

We have Grown Organically through word of mouth !

By 2023, Subham had earned increased trust and loyalty from our customers, evident in the growing number of repeat orders. Responding to customer demands, we introduced the Herbal Hair Growth Oil, designed to complement our popular hair wash for enhanced results. Soon, these products became our hero offerings, hence expanding our production facility and developed R&D team


Stepping into 2024, Subham proudly unveiled our latest innovation – the Herbal Skincare, a multi-functional face and body cleanser, scrub, and pack. Extensively tested, it’s now recognized for its effectiveness across all skin types.”

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