Divine Sambrani Powder – (250 Gms)

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🌿 Welcome to the haven of Herbal Sambrani, where nature’s essence meets ancient traditions for a fragrant journey of well-being.
🍃 More than incense, it’s your daily wellness companion, sweeping away negativity and infusing positivity into your space.
🔮 Elevate your spiritual moments with Herbal Sambrani’s divine symphony and embrace a rainbow of benefits for holistic wellness.
✨ Whisper prayers in its aroma, let it cleanse your space, and get caught in the healthful whirlwind of vitality.
🌈 Join the green wellness revolution and wake up to sunrise serenity.
🛍️ Elevate your shopping experience with every purchase contributing to a healthier lifestyle.
🌿 Dive into the natural harmony of Herbal Sambrani – a fragrant journey to wellness, positivity, and a sprinkle of divine connection!

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Benefits Of Divine Sambrani Powder

Spiritual Aura and Negativity Cleansing

• Ideal for God Aarathi, creating a spiritual ambiance.
• Clears negativity, fostering a positive energy flow throughout your home

Skin and Hair Nourishment

• Enriches skin and hair with natural herbal goodness.
• Enhances overall well-being through traditional herbal formulations.
• Should be used after a hair bath for optimal results.

Stress Relief, Relaxation, Aromatherapy, and Meditation

• Brings stress relief and relaxation with its calming aroma.
• Perfect for aromatherapy, creating a serene atmosphere.
• Ideal for meditation, fostering focus and tranquility.

Homam Benefits and Temple Traditions

• Captures the essence of homam benefits with sacred fragrance.
• Connects to temple traditions, enhancing spiritual experiences at home.

48-Day Sambrani

Routine Ritual

Step 1

Commitment and Preparation

• Start by making a commitment to follow this ritual for 48 days.
• Choose a specific time in the morning and evening for consistency.
• Dedicate a clean and quiet space for the ritual.

Step 2

Daily Lighting of Sambrani

• Each day, follow the steps of lighting the Sambrani as described:
• Prepare the space.
• Light the Sambrani, allowing it to burn slowly without flames.

Step 3

Circulate the Smoke

Holding the smoldering Sambrani, walk around different areas of your home.
Gently circulate the fragrant smoke in each room, paying attention to corners and open spaces.
• Chant a mantra that is given with our package.
• Reflect on positive thoughts and intentions.

Step 4

Mindful Engagement

• Approach each session with mindfulness and dedication.
• Use this time for self-reflection, setting daily intentions, and fostering positivity.

Step 5

Reflect and Adapt

• Take a few moments after each session to reflect on your experiences.
• If needed, adapt the choice of mantra or the focus of your reflections based on your evolving needs.

By maintaining this routine for 48 consecutive days, you are infusing a sense of discipline and purpose into your daily life. Adjust the ritual as needed to align with your spiritual or personal goals, and feel free to make it a meaningful and transformative experience for yourself.

Each ingredient in Sambrani plays a unique role in shaping its fragrance and contributing to the cultural, spiritual, and aromatic experience it offers.

Prepare Coconut Shell:

  • Begin by cleaning and thoroughly drying a coconut shell. Ensure it is free from any residues or impurities.

Half-Burn on Gas Stove:

  • Ignite the coconut shell on a gas stove until it is half-burnt. Allow the shell to catch fire and burn until it reaches the halfway point.

Transfer to Fireproof Stand or Pan:

  • Carefully remove the half-burnt coconut shell from the gas stove using protective equipment. Place it on a fireproof stand or in a small pan.

Allow Complete Burn:

  • Let the coconut shell burn completely with the residual fire it has already. Ensure it goes off naturally before proceeding to the next step.

Herbal Sambirani Addition:

  • Once the coconut shell has burned completely and is naturally extinguished, take a small amount of herbal Sambirani powder.

Divine Purpose:

  • For spiritual practices, set positive intentions as you add the herbal Sambirani powder to the burnt coconut shell. Allow the fragrant smoke to cleanse and purify the surroundings.

Hair and Body Purpose - Stinky and Viscosity Free:

  • Utilize the aromatic smoke for hair and body purposes. After a hair bath, apply the fragrant smoke to your hair and body to enhance your care routine. Enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing experience. This product is free from stinky and viscosity, ensuring a pleasant and smooth application.

Continual Usage for 48 Days:

  • Commit to using herbal Sambirani continuously for 48 days. Perform the ritual twice daily, in the morning and evening, without interruption.

Herbal Sambirani is a versatile and sacred product suitable for a wide range of individuals seeking spiritual, aromatic, and holistic benefits. This unique herbal blend is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of those who value natural and traditional practices. Here's why Herbal Sambirani is ideal for various individuals:

Spiritual Enthusiasts:

  • Perfect for individuals engaged in spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies.
  • Enhances the spiritual ambiance with its fragrant and cleansing smoke.

Wellness Seekers:

  • Appeals to those on a wellness journey, promoting mental relaxation and stress relief.
  • Adds a holistic touch to daily self-care routines, creating a serene atmosphere.

Aromatherapy Enthusiasts:

  • A delightful choice for those who appreciate aromatherapy.
  • The calming and aromatic experience contributes to relaxation and mood enhancement.

Cultural Connection Seekers:

  • Appeals to individuals keen on connecting with cultural traditions.
  • A meaningful addition to rituals and ceremonies, fostering a sense of heritage.

Hair and Body Care Enthusiasts:

  • Ideal for those looking to enhance their hair and body care routines.
  • Free from stinky and viscosity, ensuring a pleasant and smooth application.

Meditation Practitioners:

  • Enhances the meditation experience, fostering focus and tranquility.
  • Creates a meditative atmosphere with its calming aroma.

Anyone Seeking Negativity Removal:

  • Individuals desiring to remove negativity from their surroundings.
  • The sacred smoke is believed to cleanse and purify, promoting positive energy.

Herbal Sambirani welcomes all who appreciate the power of natural ingredients and the rich heritage of traditional practices. Embrace the divine fragrance and holistic benefits of Herbal Sambirani in your daily life.


Subham Organics Herbal Sambrani

Other Brands


Meticulously crafted natural herbal blend

May contain synthetic or lower-quality ingredients

Fragrance Quality

Rich, authentic, and long-lasting fragrance

Fragrance may vary, not always consistent


Free from stinky and viscosity, pure and natural

May include additives or artificial fragrances

Cultural Heritage

Rooted in traditional practices with cultural significance

Some brands may lack cultural authenticity

Negativity Removal

Emphasizes negativity removal and purification

May not specifically focus on spiritual benefits

Wellness Benefits

Blended for overall wellness and relaxation

Wellness benefits may not be a primary focus


Thoughtfully packaged for convenient use

Packaging may vary, not always user-friendly

Usage Instructions

Clear and detailed instructions for optimal use

Instructions may vary or be less explicit


Ensures consistent quality and fragrance

Consistency may vary across different batches





Source Type




Known for its aromatic properties; used for fragrance and ritual practices


White Turmeric



Anti-inflammatory properties; used for skin and digestive health


Lotus Feet



Symbol of purity; used for its calming and aromatic essence


Silver Fid


Natural mineral

Contributes to the aesthetic appeal; may have cultural significance





Traditionally used in herbal formulations; potential health benefits




Aquilaria tree

Renowned for its rich and resinous fragrance; used in spiritual practices




Mustard plant

Adds a subtle pungency; may have symbolic or traditional uses


Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)



Known for its earthy fragrance; used for its grounding and calming properties


Leucas Aspera



Utilized in traditional medicine; potential health benefits


Ficus Religiosa


Sacred Fig tree

Revered in various cultures; potential spiritual and medicinal uses


Senna Auriculata



Used in traditional medicine; potential digestive and skin benefits


Cleome Viscosa



Known for its medicinal properties; used in traditional remedies


Aegle Marmelos


Bael tree

Fruit with traditional significance; used for potential health benefits


Vitex Negundo



Utilized in traditional medicine; potential medicinal properties


Hemidesmus Indicus



Valued in Ayurveda; potential medicinal uses


Cynodon Dactylon



Used traditionally; may have potential health benefits


Azadirachta Indica


Neem tree

Known for its various benefits; used for skincare and traditional remedies


Syzygium Wemini


Jamun tree

Fruit with potential health benefits; used in traditional medicine


Ficus Benghalensis


Banyan tree

Revered in various cultures; potential spiritual and medicinal uses


Lawsonia Leaf (Henna)


Henna plant

Leaves used for dyeing and traditional rituals; potential medicinal uses


Cyperus Rotundus



Known for its fragrance; used in traditional practices and herbal formulations


Mangifera Indica


Mango tree

Fruit with various health benefits; used in traditional remedies




Guava tree

Fruit with potential health benefits; used in traditional medicine




Basil plant

Herb with aromatic and potential medicinal properties; used in traditional practices


Cow Dung

Organic Matter

Cow waste

Traditional organic material; used in rituals and has potential agricultural benefits


Herbal Face and Body Scrub FAQs

Q: Is herbal Sambirani suitable for daily spiritual practices?

A: Yes, herbal Sambirani is crafted for daily use in spiritual practices, providing a cleansing and purifying experience.It can used twice a day as well.

A: Absolutely! The calming aroma of herbal Sambirani makes it an ideal choice for enhancing meditation sessions.

A: Sambirani is believed to remove negativity, fostering positive energy and contributing to spiritual well-being.

A: Yes, Sambirani from Subham Organics is free from synthetic fragrances, ensuring a pure and natural experience.

A: Certainly! Sambirani is versatile and can be applied to hair and body for a refreshing and aromatic experience.

A: Yes, the natural ingredients in herbal Sambirani may have skin-nourishing properties when used as part of a regular routine.

A: It is recommended to use herbal Sambirani daily for spiritual practices, creating a consistent and sacred routine. It can be used consistently for 48 days for better results.

A: Absolutely! Herbal Sambirani is perfect for incorporating into home rituals, enhancing the spiritual ambiance.

A: Yes, Sambirani has cultural significance in various traditions and is often used in rituals and ceremonies.

A: The calming aroma of Sambirani can aid in stress relief, creating a soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

A: Yes, Sambirani is generally safe for individuals of all ages, but it's advisable to perform a patch test for sensitivity.

A: Yes, herbal Sambirani smoke can be used after hair bath to the hair, promoting a fragrant and revitalizing experience. It also prevents scalp infections and Lies forming.

A: Sambirani, with its natural and soothing properties, contributes to a holistic sense of well-being for individuals.

A: Certainly! Sambirani's aromatic qualities make it an excellent choice for aromatherapy, promoting a serene atmosphere.

A: The natural ingredients in Sambirani, being plant-based, may contribute to eco-friendly practices.

A: Yes, Sambirani can add a special touch to festive celebrations, creating a sacred and fragrant environment.

A: Many users find that the calming effects of Sambirani contribute to improved mental focus during meditation.

A: Yes, Sambirani is versatile and can be used in various spaces, enhancing the atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.


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Divine Sambrani Powder - (250 Gms) Divine Sambrani Powder - (250 Gms)
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Divine Sambrani Powder - (250 Gms) Divine Sambrani Powder - (250 Gms)
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Divine Sambrani Powder – (250 Gms)
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